​To satisfy the particular requirements for your roofing project, R & G Eastern Roofing offers all types of roofing including:


Tar & Gravel – a traditional ‘flat roof’ system that consists of 5 layers of asphalt felt which is adhered to in hot asphalt. Topped with 3/8 gravel that is embedded again in hot asphalt.


Modified Bitumen – also known as ‘torch-on’  or Mod Bit consists of 1 layer of modified bitumen base sheet and a granular cap sheet that is torch-fused to the base sheet. In the industry this type of roof is commonly refered to as Mod Bit Roofing. This can also be provided in a peel-n-stick format, which does not require a flame to fuse the membranes together. The peel-n-stick format is gaining populatiry as it avoids the risk of fire.


Rubber Membrane – (EPDM Membrane) is a black rubber membrane available in 45, 60 and 90 mil thicknesses. These membranes can be fully adhered, loosely laid ( held down by 10 pounds of gravel per sq ft) or  fully mechanically fastened. An option is a Sarnafil membrane, a white rubber membrane ( which is heat reflective and gains LEED points) with seams that are hot-air welded.


Coatings – an asphalt emulsion installed over an existing Tar & Gravel roof to prolong efficiency.


Hydrotech – a hot rubber compound that is mopped over a concrete substrate for waterproofing.


Asphalt Fiberglass Shingles – Available in Architectural Designer Series and  Standard 3-tab.


Slate Tiles – absolutely the finest for attractive curbside appeal as well as strength/durability. These Products are completely natural, environmentally freindly and totally recyclable. Choose one of these roofs and you will never nedd to replace your roof again.


Simulated Slate Tiles – recent manufacturing and production improvements will impress you with its convincing look-alike attraction and durability.


Cedar Shingles & Shakes – have been around for hundreds of years. With timely improvements the quality and performance continues to impress the most stylish homes. They not only look amazing but they also offer a mnatural product that is environmentally friendly, long lasting and a totally recyclable product at the end of its life cycle.


Metal Roofs – Standing Seam, Batten & Tile are very attractive as well as being the most durable roofing product on the market.